Saturday, March 1, 2008


its been a while since i blogged sorry. many eventful things happened. you know got married have kids. jk.

still thinking things through.
New semsters new students.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas all,

Happy New Year

Holidays in Korea

Hey all, I guess I wont be seeing many of you this Holiday.
I am spending my holiday here in Korea. Well Christmas has past, and New Years is coming soon. Things here have been pretty nice so far. I am enjoying my time here. met lots of rally kool people. We even had a really kool Christmas party. Just a few friends from around. I still have to post those pictures sometime.

Hmmmm there have been a few things on my mind as of late. I have more or less planned out what I want to do in the next few years. Planning is a healthy thing to do and those of you who really know me, know that its not one of my greatest skills. Well planning, maybe its more of where I envision myself to be in the next few years. The break down is simple: 1) one more year here in Korea just to really develop some teaching skills. 2) Return to Ontario for my B.Education. 3) Teach abroad in Africa, for at least 6month. I think I say 6 months cause in some ways the idea of a year in Africa actually frightens me. Who knows maybe it will be a year.

This direction bring a few things that I really have a heart for, education (ie. the growth of youth), HIV pandemic, especially in Africa.

A few thing that have made me second guess this approach, are making myself stable financially for my parents, and finding a gf. PS I should really exercise more. hehe hmm what to do, what to do? To bad the answers aren't simple, but ever said life was. We do all make our own paths in life. Our lives are ours to shape.

I guess "balance really is the swinging of from one of end of the pendulum to the other"


Monday, December 3, 2007

December in Korea

Well the last post was kinda odd. I was teaching my kids about Canada and I showed them the "I'am Canadian" commercials from the 90's. Do you guys remember those? Way to represent Canada, eh?

Well what has happened in the past while? Kyle and I went to Busan this past weekend. Amazing experience I would love to go back. We alomst didn't make it back. We missed our buses and trains, and had to make a long detour home but we made home. It was really great to see out friend Mindy. Who came to Korea to visit family and us. We took the Bullet Train home. that was fun. First class tickets, which cost about 50 bucks canadian for a 2hr ride. it was sweet, but we had to cause the other tickets were sold out.

Things are going well. I miss TO and the friends there and picturing staying another year seems easy and hard at the same time. Being back for 2 weeks this summer, will be great to catch up with friends but bad cause it is not enough time to catch up.

*** I give full permission for you my friends to slap me if I respond with a, "Ya, Korea was alrite."

But I cant wait to see you all.

Things with Ahreum are going pretty well. I am happy we are good friends. Its fun sharing things with her. Fun to hang out with too. There are language barriers, but we overcome them with a sense of humor. I really don't know where it will lead, but ya we ll see.

I again hope you are all doing well. I have been itching to find this video game o well. But that is just me getting the video game withral.

well can't wait to see you all,


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I am Canadian

Pushing Foward Regardless

Hey everyone. How are you all doing?
I know it has been a while since I last posted and alot of cool thing have happened.
Mostly recently I caught a bit of a flu. I am recovering really quickly I have lost the shakes, and shivers, same to the puking. => It was only one night. No worries.

Last weekend I went with a good friend Ah Reum. We went to the top of Seoul. Namsan Seould Tower,it was quite beautiful. The lights of the city at night shown like stars and there is one picture which I will hopefully get up soon of the window that looks toward Toronto.

Two weekends ago Kyle and I went to Seorak San. aka Mt Seorak. or Sorak. It was an incredible thrill. I lost feeling in my legs half way through. It was a long walk to the base of the mountain and LONG walk up. Imagine about 200 Koreans on a sketchy ladder about a couple hundred feet about the ground. If you look out you would see empty space infront of you. AMAZING SITE. SCAREEST THING EVER!! Honestly If I took a two steps out I would have died lol. But he view from the top was spectacular. I learned really what it meant to push forward. We often talk about pushing forward when we dont feel like it. This was us pushing forward when we physically couldn't. Athletes know this limit, those who suffer no this limit. I think i just recently learned this. There is a big difference between continuing when we dont feel like it and continuing when we can't. That's an oxymoron for ya.

Any way recent thoughts. I miss home. And there are very few words that I would use to describe this feeling. Not that I am incredibly saddened or depressed, but the feelinig of longing to be with friends that I have had the company of being with in a LONG time. People I wish i could really share my life deeper with but can't because of the thousands of miles between us. But whast has kept me together has been this. See it all to the end. If I can make it to through this year. We will see where I am at. If I make through this year. We will see what God really wants to do with me and am I really willing to go. It would be really easy for me to go back home for the holidays. Drain me try but, hey not out of the question BUT, I will endure to the end cause I really want to see what I am made out of.

here another really long post from nate


Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 Month Mark

Wow its almost been 2 months. What can I say, it feels like home here. I have a steady rythmn going. School, teacing. nap. dinner. saturday goto korean lessons. sunday goto church. Ya this is good.

I really cant believe its only been 2 months which means i have another 10 to go. Now that I think about it 10 more months will be a breeze because 2 of those are school vacation. If I come back or not is the next big question and what will I do with my art skills? Many big life questions: like especially God what are you going to do with me? Sorry thats sounds so passive. But think of it more as getting advice from a big brother. Cause its true, I can follow to the T, what I hear, or I can not and get smited. hehe. jk. Anyway, I am seeking for my life to grow deeper that just he simple issues of financial security. I want to serve and help ppl.

Things here are good tho. I being trained to be part of production at church which is sweet. The sundays school lessons are really engaging. Though I skipped this weekends.

Check out my pics on facebook.

I went to the Seoul Fireworks Festival. It was amazing what they can do with those. If I were to go back to school I would love love to study to become a firworks technician. I get to blow things up in a very artistic way LOL. and hey bright shiney colours.

I am really what am I gonna do with art? I want to continue, but being a professional artistic might nto be my thing.

Well just some of my thoughts.

take care all.


PS have any of you been watching HEROES. ITS SOOO GOOD